We sell toilet paper to buy you drinking fountains

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Why use Water Us?

Zero Plastic

We hate plastic. So we worked hard with our manufacturer to ensure that we minimised plastic at every chance. Our toilet rolls are wrapped in paper for hygiene and our boxes are sealed with paper tape.

Bamboo Not Trees

We use 100% bamboo to create our luxuriously soft 3 ply toilet paper. No tree was cut down for the sake of your bum.


While we certainly don't encourage recycling of your toilet paper, our gorgeous limited edition wraps, designed by Reuben Paterson, are perfect for re-use.

Don't Just Take our word for it

Beautiful and convenient. And best of all, when I buy Water Us TP, I'm helping them buy water fountains.


One of the best toilet papers I've ever wiped with!


Yes, you can buy toilet paper elsewhere. But where else can you buy it from a 10 year old who is giving back to her community?